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68000 Tablet - PCB Has Arrived!

13 Mar 2020

Quick update to my 68000 tablet - The PCB has arrived! Even though I knew the dimensions of it, it's a lot bigger than I was expecting.

Here is the empty board, which arrived earlier today. I have added some parts on, as you can see here:

So far, I have found several problems.

I expected some problems to occur, and they're minor enough that it doesn't really affect anything. I am waiting for more parts to come from China. My campus just closed due to COVID-19, so I am unable to source parts from there. I was hoping to get some resistors so that I could do a basic test of the busses. At the moment, I don't have any way to drive the LEDs.

I've been testing the board as I add each component. Until I get some resistors, I will not be able to assemble more of the board.