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A New Website

06 Dec 2019

I have switched my website yet again.

The first version ran on Wordpress. Though it had many features, I found it to be bloated and slow - and very overkill for what I was doing.

The second version was entirely static HTML. Although much more minimalist and faster, it didn't look great, and it was tedious to maintain.

This is now the third version of my website. I have written a blogging platform entirely from scratch in Ruby on Rails. This makes it a lot more convenient to use. It also opens up the possibility of comments, which I am happy to have back (I have not had them since Wordpress). I call this new platform Pressr. It is open source.

I am still working to add features to Pressr every day. I would like for it to be a powerful platform, while still being lightweight and efficient.

Pressr on Git