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Victr - A Real Estate Site

10 Dec 2019

This is not a new project, but I hadn't posted it yet so here it is.

Victr is a site that finds houses and apartments(and land) on Kijiji and makes it extremely easy to search through. The main feature is that you can put in an address, and filter based on houses within X minutes driving or walking distance. As far as I can tell, no other sites do this; probably because it would be expensive if using an API.

To get around the whole API issue, I'm hosting everything myself. Even the map tiles are generated by me. The address lookup and routing engine are running on Nominatim and OSRM, respectively.

The backend is written in Ruby on Rails, and the frontend is written in Angular. I'm not very good at Angular so the code base is a huge mess. I'm pretty happy with the backend, though it could still be cleaned up.

I originally started writing Victr over the summer, but I have not done much lately. The next big feature would be to scrape realtor.ca. I am not sure when/if I will implement this.

The code is currently closed source, so no Git link.

Check it out here